Promotion Request:
To be able to receive your promotion, you must make a request using the link below.
You will need to provide a valid E-mail address.
Request Here
Safety Briefing Sign Up:
To sign up to present a safety Briefing, please sign up via the link below.
You will need to use your Gmail/Google account to sign in.
Sign Up HERE
Meeting Feedback
To provide feeback regarding the most recent meeting, please provide it at the link below.
This information helps the cadet staff to better help you and the squadron.
- Parent PDF (Informational Pamphlet for parents) 
- CapM 39-1 (Uniform Manual) 
-CapR 20-1 (CAP Structure)
-CapR 100-1 (CAP Radio Communications)
-CapR 70-1 (Flight Management Manual)
-CapR 52-9 (Cadet Introduction Manual)
AAR's (Collection of all AAR's)
Honorable Mentions:
-ICUT T1 Evaluation Study Video (Video to prepare you for your ICUT Practical exam)
-FL373 Drill Schedule Format (format for drill schedules)
-Cadet Oath (Oath spoken in the begining of every meeting)
For a full list of regulations, visit THIS site.